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FRP Water treatment tank
Read:3798  2015-6-12

FRP Water treatment tank
(One-piece PE liner tank with discharge port)
Top & bottom 6” aluminum alloy flange opening
aluminum alloy material
standard 6” opening

Composite Winding
Three-dimensional winding
1.05 Mpa working pressure

PE liner with 4” aluminum alloy flange discharge port
Imported PE approved by FDA
One-piece guarantees less leak even by the crash

Product  Advantage
It is easier to discharge filling compared with normal PE liner tank
Compared with tank with hand layup molding discharge port, it is more stable in quality and better in sanitary condition

Application Conditions
Working Pressure:150psi(10.5bar)
Working Temperature:1-49∩(34-121ⅹF)
Max. Vacuum:127mmHg
Lowest Environment Temperature:-27∩(-17ⅹF)

Design Parameter
Burst Pressure: 42bar(4 times)        
Fatigue Cycle;100.000


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