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Enterprise history

Enterprise Spirit:quality,service,profession,focus

Quality is the synthesizing ability of company which means one kind or several kinds of  inherent characteristics to achieve customer satisfaction. In deeper meaning,quality is the vitality of company. Our every staff advances towards favourable objective and keeps creating good quality. In practical terms,quality not only means product is up to specifications,but also customer satisfaction. In a board sense, customer satisfaction means delivery,service,price etc. Science and technology are the primary productive forces.Quality reflects the most direct strength of company.

Quality is manufactured,not inspected. Good product quality is the concept of every staff which contains establishing strength of quality faith and enhancing attitude of quality mind and execution of quality standard.

Service work is done well to touch customer with good faith and warmth. Develop permanent customer by stimulating repeat purchase to strive for long-term interests.
Canature Huayu Stresses service and recognizes customer satisfaction as the first standard
from pre-sales to after sale. We offer service with high quality and standard to realize customer satisfaction during purchase.

Industry orientation means that enterprise makes industrial development planning and overall arrangement reasonably to determine leading industry according to its own comprehensive strength and unique advantage, current stage of economic development and operation characteristic of every industry

With the deepening of social division of labor. Every enterprise’s  producing activity is a link of the whole industrial chain.The inner link of crosscorrelation and mutual prerequisite in product supply and demand constitutes industrial linkage. Higher industrial linkage is the requirement for enterprise’s co-melting and mutualistic symbiosis and industrial cluster’s formation. We find the linkage in industrial chain and determine our own industrial orientation correctly by choosing tank

In water treatment industrial chain,we choose water treatment vessel,FRP pressure vessel.Until now,we are still adopting this development strategy. We know very well that enterprise will become larger and stronger only walking on the specialized production road. We hope our every staff becomes expert in this filed. Our Canature Huayu will turn into nemesis in this field.

Focus means we concentrate our attention on one thing.
Attitude determines standard.Detail determines success or failure. It is advanced by our Canature Huayu. We receive achievements and are recognized by other people by working hardly. Meanwhile,we learns to enjoy working and harvest happiness.
With focus,we will grasp experienced operation skill,make qualified product , provide thoughtful service, create wealth for the enterprise and lay out an avenue of stars in our own career.

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