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Read:1792  2015-6-17

Our Company Takes Part in the Eighth AQUATECH CHINA and Achieves a Great Success

The eighth AQUATECH CHINA is hold in National Convention and Exhibition Center,the largest exhibition complex in the world from June10 to June12.It is known that AQUATECH is started in 1964 and hold all over the world successfully,such as Europe,North America,South America ,Southeast Asia and so on which is the largest in scale and most professional in the world.AQUATECH is regarded as the preferred trade platform in water industry field by industry leaders and represents the high -quality,successful and professional water exhibition.

Jianhua Shen,General Manager, Chen Sheng,Deputy General Manager of Operation,Zengyuan Liu in Dubai Company , Domestic and Overseas Marketing Manager and assistants attend this exhibition together.In this exhibition,we mainly shows FRP water treatment tank and accessories(controller,water distributor etc.).Our products not only catch the attention of many insiders,but also gain  more trust from many regular customers.Meanwhile,it increases our company’s popularity in the industry.AQUATECH not only gathers exhibitors in each filed and product category of water treatment industry together,but also provides many firms at home and abroad with the platform to show the newest technologies,products and solutions. The quantity of exhibitors and visitors reach a new record.

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