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Our company participate in the 15th IE expo 2014
Read:2540  2014-6-23

The 15th IE expo 2014 is held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 20.May,2014 to 22.May,2014 successfully by Germany Munich International Expo Group,Chinese Environmental Sciences Association and Munich Expo(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.As the most influential and top-quality environmental technology communication meeting in Asia,IE expo 2014 assembles advanced technology and the newest solution in environmental pollution improvement field of global top-level sewage treatment, water supply and drainage,solid waste treatment,resource recycle,atmospheric contamination treatment,indoor air pollution treatment, site remediation, environmental monitoring, environmental services, etc. IE expo 2014 builds a professional platform for qualified communication and cooperation and business between Environmental Treatment Technology and Equipment Enterprise and municipal and industrial users.Mr Sheng,our deputy operation manager and Yifei Hu, our international marketing manager participate in this Expo on behalf of our company. We mainly show small tank series for residential application, big tank series for commercial and industrial application,complete water treatment equipment,brine tank,back flushing valve,diaphragm valve etc in this Expo. Our complete water treatment equipment attracts everyone's attention and make part of visitors take warm interest.This Expo attracts many professional people to pay attention on our product,strengthen product recognition from regular customer,increase popularity in our industry greatly and promote our brand image. At the same time, in this exhibition our company takes an active part in professional conferences and forums and exchange of technical experience,make friends with cooperative partners and seek potential partners.

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